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Golf is not just about swinging clubs and sinking putts—it's about camaraderie, bonding, and creating unforgettable memories with your foursome. Whether you're hitting the fairways with your buddies or gal pals, GolfLync is here to unveil some dynamic game variations that not only spice up your golf round but also connect you in exciting ways through our innovative app features.


While golf can be enjoyed solo, playing with friends adds a whole new dimension to the game. GolfLync amplifies this experience by providing a digital platform that lets you connect with friends, coordinate tee times, and discover players to join your game.

AMBROSE: Teamwork Triumphs

Ambrose is all about fostering teamwork and inclusivity. GolfLync adds an extra layer of convenience to this format by enabling you to effortlessly set up Ambrose games, invite your friends using our Discover feature, and even engage in friendly banter through in-app chats. Here's how it works:

  • Players tee off individually.
  • The best shot is chosen.
  • All players place their balls near the chosen shot.
  • The cycle continues until the ball reaches the putting green.
  • Only one score is recorded per hole, reflecting the best shots of the team.

BINGO BANGO BONGO: Unleash the Competition

Bingo Bango Bongo adds playful competition to each stroke. GolfLync's Virtual Golf Clubs™ (VGC) extend this excitement into the digital realm, letting you create private groups to organize Bingo Bango Bongo games, capture memories through photos and videos, and even share hilarious golf-themed memes. Here's the essence of the game:

  • Three points are up for grabs on each hole.
  • Bingo: First player on the green gets a point.
  • Bango: Closest to the pin nabs a point.
  • Bongo: First to sink the ball snags a point.

SCRAMBLE: Unite for Victory

Scramble thrives on team synergy. GolfLync's advanced features match you with fellow players, ensuring you're always part of a like-minded team. Here's how Scramble elevates your golfing experience:

  • Each player tees off.
  • The best shot is selected.
  • All players hit from that spot.
  • This process continues until the ball is in the hole.
  • The team with the lowest cumulative score wins.

LAS VEGAS: Roll the Dice

Las Vegas mixes golf with a bit of gambling thrill. GolfLync's unique algorithm connects you with players who share your enthusiasm for this high-stakes game. Here's the scoop on Las Vegas:

  • Foursome splits into two teams.
  • Points are based on the difference in total scores.
  • Points can rack up quickly for a dynamic game.

Example of Scoring for Las Vegas:

Let's say we have two teams: Team A and Team B, each consisting of two players. They're playing an 18-hole round.

Hole 1:

  • Team A scores 4 and 5 (total: 9)
  • Team B scores 5 and 6 (total: 11)
  • Difference: 11 - 9 = 2 points to Team A

WOLF: Master the Strategy

Wolf requires strategic decision-making and clever partnerships. GolfLync's Tee Times feature empowers you to find like-minded players for the best experience, ensuring you're always in sync with your fellow golfers. Here's a glimpse of how it unfolds:

  • Players tee off in a predetermined order.
  • The player who teed off first becomes the "wolf" for that hole.
  • The wolf selects their partner for the hole based on tee shots.
  • The wolf can opt to go solo by calling "wolf."
  • The game continues with rotations and partnerships changing.


Nassau is all about betting and testing skills. GolfLync's unique algorithm connects you with players who share your enthusiasm for gambling on the course. GolfLync provides a seamless platform to organize your team, and share your game pictures across our feed (especially the funny shots!), turning each hole into a thrilling contest. Here's the lowdown:

  • Bets on Front 9, Back 9, and overall 18 holes.
  • A chance to mix up your foursome and enjoy the bets.

CHAPMAN: Switch and Strategize

Chapman blends strategy with teamwork. Here's how Chapman brings a twist to your golf game:

  • Each player tees off.
  • Players switch balls and hit partner's second shot.
  • Preferred ball is chosen, and players alternate until the ball is sunk.

STABLEFORD: Earn Your Points

In the world of Stableford, each stroke counts. Stableford's straightforward scoring keeps it engaging.

  • Points awarded for each player's score.
  • Points vary based on performance.

    Stableford Scoring System:
  • Double Bogey or Worse (0 Points): If a player takes two strokes over the par score or more on a hole, they earn 0 points for that hole.
  • Bogey (1 Point): If a player takes one stroke over the par score on a hole, they earn 1 point for that hole.
  • Par (2 Points): If a player completes a hole in exactly the par score, they earn 2 points for that hole.
  • Birdie (3 Points): If a player takes one stroke less than the par score on a hole, they earn 3 points for that hole.
  • Eagle (4 Points): If a player takes two strokes less than the par score on a hole, they earn 4 points for that hole.
  • Better than Eagle (5 Points): Some versions of the Stableford system award 5 points for scores that are more than two strokes below par. For example, if a player scores three strokes below par, they would earn 5 points.

Calculating Points in Stableford:

For each hole, players tally up the points they've earned based on their performance. At the end of the round, the total points are summed to give the player's Stableford score for the round.

Share your Stableford triumphs with your Virtual Golf Clubs™ (VGC) members for extra fun!

GolfLync takes your golfing experience beyond the course, connecting you with friends, fellow enthusiasts, and new players seeking the same thrills.

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Note: GolfLync is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

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