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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unsure, do not worry - we are here to explain everything you might want to know.
What is GolfLync?
GolfLync is an innovative social media app, designed exclusively for golfers. The app uses advanced algorithms to connect golfers over a community focused platform, serving information based on their social preferences, location and interests in golf. It makes it easy for users to find like-minded golfers, join or create Virtual Golf Clubstm (VGC) and share their passion for the sport.
How does the GolfLync app work?
Once you download the GolfLync app, you can create and join Virtual Golf Clubstm (VGC) with public or private settings. VGCs allow users to build local or national communities around their interests. Each VGC has its own chat, feed, posts, and tee time options. Users can create posts with photos, videos, tee times and share them within the VGC or main feed. The app also supports player matching around various aspects of the game.
How does GolfLync help me find like-minded players?
GolfLync uses advanced algorithms within an intelligent, automated discovery feature that learns your preferences and adjust the content served from the platform to align with your interests. This helps you find virtual clubs, new friends and activities in your area or while traveling.
How does GolfLync Tee Times function work?
GolfLync allows you to post your Tee Time, share it with your friends and virtual club members to find players for your game. You can post the number of players you need, game details, and chat/view other members who want to join. This makes it easier to find local games at the time that suits you.
Is GolfLync free to use?
Yes, the GolfLync app is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Who can benefit from using GolfLync?
GolfLync is for anyone who loves golf, whether you're a beginner or an experienced player. It's also great for people who travel and like to play at new courses. Golf courses, influencers, and top brands can also use GolfLync as a new social media platform to promote their brands and engage with new followers.
Can I create my own golf club on GolfLync?
Yes, GolfLync allows you to create your own public or private Virtual Golf Clubstm (VGC). This feature lets multiple hosts build local or national communities around their interests.
How can I find a golf game to join on GolfLync?
You can easily find a local game to join through the GolfLync app. Members post how many players they need, game details, and you can chat/view other members that want to join.
Can I share my golf experiences on GolfLync?
Absolutely! GolfLync allows you to create posts that contain photos, videos, tee times and share them across the GolfLync feed or to members of your Virtual Golf Clubtm (VGC). You can share your posts with the world or just with a club you belong to.
How does GolfLync help me connect with golfers when I travel?
GolfLync is great for people who travel and like to play at new courses. It helps members connect with like-minded players to avoid booking a tee time and getting paired up with random players they may not enjoy playing with. Using GolfLync, members can find games with people they like and want to play with, all ahead of time.