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Exciting Updates to Enhance Your Golfing Experience!

October 26, 2023
3 min read
GolfLync has some exciting updates and new features!

GolfLync, the leading social networking platform for golfers, is thrilled to announce a major update to its app, bringing a host of new features members will enjoy!

Travel Mode: Play Golf Anywhere, Anytime
Golf and travel often go hand in hand, and GolfLync recognizes this synergy. The new Travel Mode allows members to change their location and seamlessly plan games, discover clubs, and connect with players in the area they are traveling to. Whether you’re on a business trip, vacation, or simply exploring new golf courses, GolfLync makes it easy to find games and like-minded golfers across the country. With Travel Mode, your golfing network knows no bounds.

My Dashboard: Golf Networking Made Easy
We’ve made it easy for members to manage all their friends, chats, games, clubs and preferences in one place. For members with hundreds of friends and followers on the APP, this makes it easy to scale your network and followers.

Verification Badges: Identify Influencers, Celebrities, and Club Hosts
We’ve taken a step further in ensuring a trustworthy and enjoyable golfing experience. Verification badges are now prominently displayed to help you identify club hosts, influencers, and even celebrities within the GolfLync community.

Virtual Golf Clubs(TM) (“VGCs”) Thrive
Virtual Golf Clubs(TM) continue to be a resounding success on GolfLync. In fact, 1 in 3 new members join a club and make connections on their very first visit. These specialized clubs cater to a wide range of interests, from specific golf courses to regional groups and more. If you haven’t explored the world of VGCs yet, now is the perfect time to discover and join clubs that align with your golfing passions. You may even want to create your own and invite your friends to join you on the APP!

Get Creative and Win Customized GolfLync Titleist Pro V1 Balls
To celebrate the GolfLync community’s creativity and love for golf, we’re giving away customized GolfLync Titleist Pro V1 balls throughout the month of November. Share your most creative video and photo posts on the APP feed, showcasing your golfing adventures, memorable moments, and unique experiences. Stay tuned for announcements and details on how to participate, and let your golfing creativity shine!

At GolfLync, our mission is to connect golfers, make your golfing experiences more enjoyable, and foster a sense of community within the golfing world. We believe these new updates will help you do just that. Whether you’re an avid golfer, a club host, or someone looking to enhance their golfing network, GolfLync is your ultimate destination.

Update your APP Today
Don’t miss out on these exciting new features. Update your GolfLync app today and experience golfing like never before. Thank you for being a part of the GolfLync community, and here’s to countless rounds of unforgettable golf!

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Note: GolfLync is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

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