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GolfLync Inc. Drives Innovation in Social Golfing: New Golf App Connects Like-Minded Golfers Nationwide!

July 17, 2023
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GolfLync is solving the problem of bad golfing parters

This article was originally published on Investor Wire

GolfLync’s product operates on a theory that bad golf partners are like bad dates, and a dating network approach to golf outings can help ensure the game remains fun and worthwhile for participants

Sports app developer GolfLync Inc. reports golf groups are forming with hundreds of local members in cities across the country

The app is flexibly designed to support everything from mall get-together outings to hosting large club groups with a diverse pool of members

Popular golf groups on top social media platforms are migrating their members onto the APP as GolfLync continues to grow in popularity

The surge in popularity of golf has opened a window of opportunity for online sports application developer GolfLync, the creator of a social networking app specifically attuned to establishing golf groups with like-minded interests, available for both Android and iOS users as a free download. Although great for finding individual partners and small groups, a surprising benefit is the apps popular ability to build and manage large community groups involving dozens of players.

Golf Digest noted earlier this year that equipment and apparel sales for the sport grew by more than 30 percent over 2019 levels despite challenges arising from supply chain delays (, and that the late 2020 surge in new golfer interest set records in many places throughout the United States (

Noteworthy amid the trend has been the sharp rise in interest among women taking up golf clubs for the first time. The National Golf Foundation reported this month that the pool of female golfers has risen by 15 percent during the last three years, as opposed to a 2 percent increase among males (

In Southern California, where golf participation grew by 25 percent during 2020 and 2021, Moorpark retiree Joni Omlor said she was looking to meet new people to share time with and a women’s group has given her friends for the rest of her life, according to a report in The Acorn. And members of the Lucatero family, struggling with the continual restrictions facing their restaurants, sustained a golfing group built from their clientele (

GolfLync designed its product to foster engagement around virtual online golf communities. Whether users aim to build a small team of individuals or larger groups with dozens of members, to golf with neighbors or meet new friends and play on a new course, GolfLync is geared to accommodate such needs.

Spouses who enjoy golfing together can easily find other couples to golf with using GolfLync’s search features. Beginners or experienced players can match up with the right handicaps for a more challenging game. Users can even tailor their searches to find companion preferences while playing like walking or riding a cart, listening to music, friendly wagering, enjoying a favorite beverage at the last hole, and so on.

Part of the theory behind GolfLync’s product is that bad golfing partners are like bad dates.

“It basically operates like Tinder for golfers,” CEO Noah DiPasquale says in a clip from the Into The Storm podcast shared on corporate communications agency NetworkNewsWire’s client page ( “The reason I say the Tinder component is because there is some logic built into it. So if you like to drink on the course, or smoke, or play music, or gamble, you’ll have the opportunity to meet everybody in your area that has similar preferences.”

GolfLync’s community of players extends across the United States with new players and groups streaming across the live feed. The app allows new groups to have multiple hosts, communicate by chat, post private or public tee times, and coordinate events. Players are now discovering the fun of developing large golf groups in the hundreds over the APP, opening all sorts of possibilities, both for the company and the way people connect over golf!

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Note: GolfLync is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

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