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GolfLync Inc. Heats the Chill of Changing Weather for Golfing Enthusiasts Across the Nation

October 19, 2023
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As the weather is perfect for golfing, GolfLync helps people find new golf communities.
GolfLync makes it possible for golfers to make connections in any season through a social media platform created by golfers for golfers
GolfLync’s VCGs allow members to easily find local golf communities and public golf clubs in their area
As a revolutionary golf social media platform – GolfLync brings together the golfing community to foster relationships and build a greater sense of community

As the leaves fall and the seasons shift from warm to cool – new opportunities for comfortable golfing open up around the country. And golfing partners can change along with the seasons. If you enjoy a tee time with a cup of hot cider or a cold brew, the fall season is perfect in many locations for those looking to meet up for a few rounds on the course before the snow falls. These connections are now possible with GolfLync’s innovative Virtual Golf Clubs(TM) (“VCGs”), allowing members to easily find local golf communities and public golf clubs in their area.

GolfLync is an innovative social media networking platform designed exclusively for golf enthusiasts. The app provides engagement tools that offer golfing preferences, comments, chats, video sharing, friends, group notifications, and tee-time matching. The addition of GolfLync’s VCGs is bringing the sport of golf to the next level for camaraderie and social connections.

Exclusive to the golfing community, the GolfLync platform represents a holistic approach to social golfing, setting it apart from traditional social media applications. VCGs ensure that members find the perfect match for golf outings, whether they seek casual rounds, competitive matches, or just new like-minded golfing buddies. This innovative platform lets golfers connect based on locations, interests, proficiency, and preferred playing styles.

The founders of GolfLync realized early on that there was a need for a richer golf-centered social media application – something that was lacking in the golfing community. They pioneered the GolfLync app and incorporated VCGs, allowing members to post pictures, videos, scorecards, multiple tee times, and more. Members can coordinate tee times and make a quick but detailed plan for golf outings – all through the GolfLync immersive app experience.

GolfLync continues to revolutionize the social golfing experience with the company’s dedication to innovation and user satisfaction. Even as the weather turns colder, members have the opportunity to continue fostering connections and making plans for changing weather and golfing conditions. With the launch of VCGs, GolfLync has already solidified its position as a pioneering social media platform exclusively designed for the diverse needs of golfers.

According to Statista, the number of people participating in golf in the United States reached 25.6 million in 2022, with 15.5 million additional players participating in off-course activities like driving ranges. Although traditionally dominated by male players, female players’ increased interest in the sport is driven by social media influencers. Lumen Sports estimates 16,700 total golf courses in the United States – with 75% of them being public courses open to all golfers.

GolfLync has the ability to bring together millions of people who are looking to connect over a common goal – a great golf experience. The platform is available on both Android and iPhone app marketplaces for download by anyone looking to formulate connections that foster a love of golf.

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Note: GolfLync is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

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