GolfLync Surpasses 67,000 Members Nationwide and Hosts Members in Over 700 Private and Public Virtual Golf Clubs™

October 3, 2023
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GolfLync, the leading social media APP for golfers, is the best place online to connect with local and national golf communities.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via IBN -- GolfLync,the pioneering social platform tailored for golf enthusiasts, proudly announcesa monumental achievement, surpassing 67,000 members across the United States.This remarkable growth underscores the platform's ability to unite golfers,fostering dynamic golfing communities that continue to thrive.

From local golf clubs to expansive national networks, GolfLync'srevolutionary "Virtual Golf Clubs™ (VGC)" have reshaped how golfersengage, share experiences and revel in their shared love for the sport. Membersare wholeheartedly embracing the platform's innovative features, with privateand public VGCs acting as epicenters for organizing tee times, sharing golfexperiences, hosting events and building enduring golfing connections.

The remarkable scale of GolfLync's growth stems from the genuine enthusiasmand interaction of its members. Thousands of posts, photos, videos and teetimes have circulated, transforming GolfLync into a vibrant hub of golf-relatedactivity. The introduction of dedicated posts, chats, and feeds for individualVGCs elevates personalization, allowing clubs and members to get a tailoredstream of content.

Noah DiPasquale, co-founder and CEO of GolfLync, enthusiastically shared histhoughts on the platform's success: "The driving force behind GolfLync'sremarkable journey has been the genuine camaraderie and connection our membershave found. It's incredibly rewarding to see golfers from all walks of lifecome together, creating an online golfing community that is so vibrant andinclusive."

GolfLync's accomplishments parallel thestrategies deployed by other influential social media giants like Facebook andInstagram (NASDAQ: META), Pinterest (NYSE: PINS), as well as top-tier socialapps such as Match (NASDAQ: MTCH), Hello Group (NASDAQ: MOMO), and Snapchat(NYSE: SNAP). These platforms recognized that cultivating user engagementaround communities was the catalyst for explosive growth.

As GolfLync's membership soars and its golfing communities flourish, theplatform remains steadfast in its mission to foster connections, elevateexperiences, and offer golf enthusiasts a dedicated space to connect, shareexperiences and celebrate their shared passion.

To learn more about GolfLync, explore the official website at and enjoy a new way toshare your golf experiences.

For more information about GolfLync, visit: GolfLync

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