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GolfLync is a social media App designed exclusively to build golf communities across America, bringing players together.
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More than 100,000 downloads so far!
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THE Problem

Bad Golfing Partners are Like Bad Dates

Nothing turns a fun day of golf into a disappointment more quickly. We’ve all experienced it. Now we’ve solved the problem!
Finding quality like-minded golf partners is really hard
Local golf communities lack a platform to host across
There are no social media apps for golf players
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A social network that makes the game of golf more fun!

GolfLync seamlessly links two of the hottest markets on the planet: Golf & Social Media. We empower players to seamlessly connect, coordinate games, and meet new players.
Player Matching
Connects golfers based on skill level, lifestyle, location and interests.
Automated Discovery
Connects users to groups and golfing communities that match their interests
Local Tee-Times
Users can easily find, join or create tee times and connect to players looking for games.

Wealth & Golf

Golf is the world’s most popular social sport with the average player making six-figures or more.

According to Business Insider, golf is also the number one sport loved by HNW and UHNW players.

Advertisers pay a premium to reach this exclusive marketplace.

GolfLync's robust big data analytics and comprehensive user metrics provide invaluable insights into the highly engaged and affluent golfing demographic, enabling advertisers to target their campaigns with unprecedented precision and effectiveness, thus commanding a premium price for advertising placements.
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Why Now?

Get in the Game

Golf is experiencing a surge of growth with a 36% surge in popularity in the last 3 years. More than 8% of the US population played golf last year, 25% of new players have been women and 27% of new players have been Gen Z.

Be a part of the golf social revolution.
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GolfLync is rapidly growing with over 95k downloads, high user engagement and sharing. Virtual golf clubs are creating a viral, organic growth effect generated by users.
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Downloads from the APP stores
Month-over-month user growth
Community groups hosted on GolfLync
our PLAN

An Exclusive Club

World-class social media APPs, such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, are driven by big data that automatically delivers users what they want. We are focused on acquiring high-net worth golfers and expand across their local networks and groups.

We are raising $9M

250k minimum/investor provided double warrants at $250k.

Use of funds:

● Advertising and User growth ($4m)
● Group and events to scale membership ($3m)
● Platform features and development ($1m)
● Operations and headcount ($1m)
Ads and Growth
Group and Events
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Other metrics to laser in on
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Our founders are passionate about golf and recognize the opportunity social networking and connecting like-minded players has on the industry.
Noah DiPasquale
CEO, GolfLync
As the founder of Epic Golf - one of the most exclusive golf communities in the world, Noah knows how to create membership and community scale with the game of golf.
Michael Quiel
President, GolfLync
Mike Quiel is a business leader with extensive knowledge in investment banking and finance, He has taken multiple companies public and has raised over $250 million in growth capital.
Christo Garcia
Executive Producer
Christo Garcia is world-class producer who has created TV shows for ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, hit shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Emmy Award) and reality TV series with MTV.
It's remarkable how technology continues to positively impact golf, whether it's equipment, instruction, and now connectivity. GolfLync is uniquely positioned to change the way golfers interact, and find tee times while making it easier to make friends and enjoy the game with like-minded devotees.
Christo Garcia
Founder of the Miracle Swing Experience

What Our Users Say

Wonderful App A+++
Really awesome! Inventive. Groundbreaking. Perfect for someone looking fo a golfer with similar qualities. Highly recommend!
Best golf app out there
I've been on a couple of days and I'm hooked on this app!
Awsome App!!!
I started using this app to grow my community of golfers. The first day I used the app connected with golfers right in my neighborhood. Love it!
King Besr

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unsure, do not worry - we are here to explain everything you might want to know.
What’s your share price?
Round A share price is $1.25 per share with $1.50 warrants that are good for 36 months. GolfLync Round B share price is anticipated to issue at $2.50 a share with $3 dollar warrants.
What is the minimum investment size?
$250k minimum. Double warrants at $250,000. We encourage our investors to take the opportunity and have full warrant coverage with a $250,000 investment.
Why should I invest?
We are experiencing hyper-growth. Our virtual golf club experience has seen explosive growth across America with over 300 private and public virtual groups forming on our APP. We have created a viral effect where users are pulling in their friends into the APP and into groups. GolfLync anticipates with the current Round A funding, the APP will achieve 2 million users. With Round B we anticipate scaling to over 3 million users, putting the valuation of GolfLync in excess of $250 million.
How will GolfLync make money and grow value?
GolfLync is will scale across both social media and the broadcast markets. Golf has one of the most affluent pools of high-net-worth players of any sport. GolfLync will offer luxury brands advertising and sponsorship opportunities available with both in-APP and streaming broadcast (OTT) digital channels.
Are there more opportunities ahead?
Yes! We are developing GolfLync TV, an OTT streaming application that works across all devices to broadcast curated and custom golf content. GolfLync TV will offer content venues and competitive series like the Big Break (Golf Channel). In addition, the company plans to expand users through strategic acquisitions that extend our media reach.
How will you use the funds from this round of finance?
We are hyper-focused on scaling our groups and users across every city in the U.S. - building early momentum and fostering community and group growth using a grassroots strategy for scale.
Is there an exit strategy for investors?
Our exit strategy is identified as a possible sale of the company to private equity. The company also anticipates a full registration statement, listing the company on NASDAQ sometime in the next 18 months. Our management team has successfully taken multiple companies public.