Our Goal: Bring players together.

We are providing a social media platform specially-made for golfers so they can make new friends and memories wherever they play.

GolfLync’s Story

Welcome to GolfLync, where the love for golf meets the power of connection. Established in 2023, GolfLync is more than just an app; it's a vibrant community crafted exclusively for golf enthusiasts. Our platform brings players together, fostering social bonds that extend beyond the fairway. Whether you're seeking new playing partners, sharing tips, or simply immersing yourself in the world of golf, GolfLync is your ultimate companion. Join us and tee off into a world where every swing brings you closer to fellow aficionados.

Meet The Team

Noah DiPasquale

CEO, GolfLync

Noah DiPasquale is a seasoned entrepreneur with a strong technology background and a passion for golf. He’s married with two beautiful children and currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He received his bachelor’s degree in business administration and management and Operations from Northern Arizona University – The W.A. Franke College of Business in 1999, followed by a Master’s Degree in marketing from the University of Phoenix in 2003.


Michael Quiel

COO, GolfLync

A seasoned entrepreneur and investor with a distinguished background that encompasses military service, finance, brokerage firm ownership, and startup investments. Michael’s career is marked by exceptional achievements, integrity, and a proven track record of turning visionary ideas into lucrative ventures


Evelina Chiang

Director of Digital Marketing, GolfLync

Evelina Chiang is a seasoned tech entrepreneur with extensive experience in digital marketing. She attended Syracuse University and is a cum laude graduate from California State University of Sacramento with an emphasis in business and organizational psychology. She is currently studying artificial intelligence and machine learning through HarvardX. She is the founder of Ascensio Inc., a digital marketing agency and creative house dedicated to uplifting businesses of all sizes through digital marketing strategies.


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