GolfLync has over 135,000 downloads, in under a year

Meta User Value


Match Group User Value


Here are some of the new app changes in the pipeline

Global Expansion


The same member matching algorithms, discover, clubs and games featured in GolfLync allows us to cost-effectively scale horizontally to capture other high-growth markets.

We are now expanding our platform into other high-growth sports under the Sportlync brand.

Global Expansion | The Perfect Fit

GolfLync to SportLync

Product Market Fit

We have proven these pain points exist, with +100k users in less than 1 year

Beloved App

Our app has rave reviews and the Ul/UX is being improved daily

Massive TAM

With 1 Billion global sports and gym goers, we have uncapped potential


Michael and Noah lead the team with +50 years of experience and success


Acquisition costs at $2.62 and expected $1CAC over the coming years with elite team in place

Fastest Growing

Our top 3 sports to capture: Golf, tennis, and pickleball are the fastest growing in the world

GolfLync and SportLync perfectly captures ourIdeal Customer Profile

Market Size

With the ability to expand to all sports, seamlessly


Immediate Target Audience who play golf more than 1x month; US only


Global golfers playing more than lx month


Global players of golf, tennis, & pickle more than lx month


Global players of all relevant sports, with lacking social, access, & matching


3-Step Cohort



65M potential players

50% High income

Rapid growth internationally, particularly in Asia

39k golf courses worldwide, 75% public


Racquet Sports

+100M players globally

Tennis: 87M, Pickle: 37M, Racquetball: 20M

Pickle adding 5-10m players annually

Court time a major pain point


Team & Group

500M players globally

Basketball: 450M, Soccer 250M

Group skill gap even more of a challenge

No seamless way to book, high fragmented


Market Size


10% of golf, tennis, pickle (20m players)

SARPU of $45 by 2027

*SAM - Served Available Market


Capture 10% of golf power users

Charge $5/session for 20%

*SOM - Serviceable & Obtainable Market


Hub for all major sports - connecting players, reducingfriction, and building community aspect globally

*TAM - Total Addressable Market


25% of players (50M)

$5 session (ARPU of $75)

Subs ads for 20% boost

*TAM - Total Addressable Market


Long Term TAM


5 Year TAM


Served Available Market


Serviceable & Obtainable Market

Meet The Team

Noah DiPasquale

CEO, GolfLync

Noah DiPasquale is a seasoned entrepreneur with a strong technology background and a passion for golf. He’s married with two beautiful children and currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He received his bachelor’s degree in business administration and management and Operations from Northern Arizona University – The W.A. Franke College of Business in 1999, followed by a Master’s Degree in marketing from the University of Phoenix in 2003.


Michael Quiel

COO, GolfLync

A seasoned entrepreneur and investor with a distinguished background that encompasses military service, finance, brokerage firm ownership, and startup investments. Michael’s career is marked by exceptional achievements, integrity, and a proven track record of turning visionary ideas into lucrative ventures


Evelina Chiang

Director of Digital Marketing, GolfLync

Evelina Chiang is a seasoned tech entrepreneur with extensive experience in digital marketing. She attended Syracuse University and is a cum laude graduate from California State University of Sacramento with an emphasis in business and organizational psychology. She is currently studying artificial intelligence and machine learning through HarvardX. She is the founder of Ascensio Inc., a digital marketing agency and creative house dedicated to uplifting businesses of all sizes through digital marketing strategies.


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Listening to Users

GolfLync prioritizes user input, crafting an experience shaped by your insights and desires, ensuring every feature feels tailored to your needs.

Obsessed with Connection

We are dedicated to connecting passionate golfers and fostering a welcoming community where friendships are forged on and off the green.

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Lifetime subscription to SportLync App

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